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About Kalo

Kalo is one of Hong Kong's leading calligrapher and stationery designer specialising in western dip ink calligraphy and bespoke stationery designs under the brand "Kalo Make Art".

Born in Hong Kong, Kalo studied art in London where she lived for the past decade. Seeing a lack of creative hubs in Hong Kong, Kalo opened her calligraphy studio in Central in June 2015, with the aim to create a relaxing environment for people to learn and enjoy the art of calligraphy. The studio hosts a range of creative events, such as calligraphy workshops, practice evenings and monthly pen meets. Over the past few years, Kalo has taught over 3,000 students and her studio also sells a large variety of calligraphy supplies to cater the increase demand in Hong Kong and Asia. 

Besides calligraphy education, Kalo also provides calligraphy services for corporates - from event stationery calligraphy and designs, on-site demos to team building workshops to help promote business’ branding and events.


18-20 Wyndham Street Ivy House Room 201, Central, Hong Kong (by appointment only)

Website:    www.kalomakeart.com

Email:        info@kalomakeart.com 

Instagram: @kalomakeart | @shop.kalomakeart

Facebook:  Kalo Make Art | shop.kalomakeart