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Refine Your Script - DROP IN Workshop

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Image of Refine Your Script - DROP IN Workshop
  • Image of Refine Your Script - DROP IN Workshop
  • Image of Refine Your Script - DROP IN Workshop
  • Image of Refine Your Script - DROP IN Workshop
  • Image of Refine Your Script - DROP IN Workshop

[ Workshop Info ]
Refine Your Script - INTENSIVE SERIES - dip pen

This NEW series of workshops are tailored for calligraphers who want to refine their dip pen calligraphy and improve their skills (in Copperplate or Engrosser's Script or modern script).

Workshops will take place on every Thursday's evening, we will focus on technical exercises to achieve consistency in sizes, spacing and letter connections, for both capital and lower cases. Through camera's projection, students will be able to practice along during the classes. Students will also receive personal feedback for their homework (optional) completed outside of the workshop hours.

• Workshop 1 - Foundational studies of forms and shapes of majuscule (capital letters) + fundamental of strokes
• Workshop 2 - Continue of majuscule practice techniques + proportion and scale of majuscule and minuscule
• Workshop 3 - Minuscule (lowercases) practice techniques
• Workshop 4 - Continue of minuscule practice techniques + calligraphy artwork design and layout

To enhance their skills further, students are encouraged to join the Calligraphy Jamming evenings and the Pen Meet in March at no extra costs!

[ Date & Time ]
• Workshops: 10 MAY + 17 MAY + 24 MAY + 7 JUNE (THURS) | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
• Total 8 hours (4 evenings)
• All students will receive bonus entry to our calligraphy events at no extra cost:
• Calligraphy Jamming: 9 MAY + 23 MAY (WED) | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
• Pen Meet: 30 MAY (WED) | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

[ Workshop Fee ]
EARLY BIRD on or before 30 APRIL 2018
• FOR 1 SEAT: HK$1,600
•"TWO-GATHER OFFER" - FOR 2 SEATS: HK$3,000 - save HK$200 if 2 people sign up together

• FOR 1 SEAT: HK$1,800
•"TWO-GATHER OFFER" - FOR 2 SEATS: HK$3,400 - save HK$200 if 2 people sign up together

• Students who are not able to commit for the 4 day workshop can attend single workshop by paying a "Drop In Fee". This fee allows you to attend the workshop on the specific date you choose when you register.
• FOR 1 SEAT: HK$600
Drop In Options will become available on 9 MAY 2018

[ Workshop Bonus ]
If you sign up for the workshop, you will be able to:
• receive plenty of updated workshop notes and practice sheets
• learn immediately as you can practice along during the classes (I will set up a camera and projector for you to follow my demonstration)
• join our Calligraphy Jamming and Pen Meet in January for regular practices at no extra costs
• receive personal feedback for your homework (optional but not compulsory) completed outside of the workshop hours. I will be marking the practice and give you constructive feedback to really help you to improve!
• future priority to receive first hand oversea teacher workshop registration emails and info

Venue: Kalo Make Art Studio
Address: 18-20 Wyndham Street, Ivy House, Rm 201, Central, HK
Capacity: min. 6 students | max. 14 students
Language: English (with Cantonese supplements if required)

[ Workshop Materials ]
• Handouts and practice sheets will be provided at the workshops.
• Please bring along your favourite calligraphy penholder, nib and ink for this workshop.

[ Requirement ]
• you are required to have basic calligraphy skills (dip pen, pointed nib) prior to the workshop.
• you must be 18 years old or above to attend this workshop.

Thank you for choosing Kalo Make Art for your calligraphy experience!